The Switzerland County 
Rural Heritage Tour
Photo Credit: Anjali Fong Photography
In historical order the tour starts around 1815 at MUSEE DE VENOGE. Musée de Venoge is one of the few remaining examples of the French colonial architecture that characterized the first settlement of Switzerland County, Indiana, once common throughout the Mississippi valley.
This annual tour highlights the rural and agricultural life and history of Switzerland County. Spanning a period  from the earliest settlements to the present time the Switzerland County Rural Heritage Tour gives visitors a glimpse into the life of our county both then and now. 

Saturday, October 7th 10:00 - 5:00
Sunday, October 8th 12:00 - 5:00
The house has been restored to much the same condition as a visitor would have found it in 1815, lacking any of the modern conveniences. Visitors now learn about vegetable gardening, hearth cooking and more, as it was then. 

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Musée de Venoge
Jumping ahead about fifty years brings us to our own  Agriculture Museum Center. The mid 19th century home of Justi and Mary Banta Thiebaud. A capital campaign stimulated by a Jeffris Family Foundation challenge grant was met by generous contributions from local foundations, organizations and individuals and has moved the project forward. A beautiful restoration of the 1850s Greek Revival home of Justi and Mary Thiebaud is complete. A special thanks to the Ogle Foundation for their generous support.
Volunteers in period attire demonstrate aspects of mid 19th century life exposing visitors to the music, food and culture of the time.   
The tour includes demonstrations of our restored Mormon Hay Press.
Learn more about the  Agriculture Museum Center.
Follow you own schedule and visit in any order you like.

 Admission $2.00 each site, children under 12 free
Additional DONATIONS are appreciated.
Musee de Venoge
175 Hwy 129
Vevay, IN

Map & Directions
Thiebaud Homestead
5147 E. St Rd. 56
Vevay, IN

Map & Directions
Hearth Cooking - Heirloom Gardens - Period Music
Early Trades - Cider Making - Hay Press Demonstration