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Switzerland County 
Rural Heritage TOUR
1855 - 1865
Tour the two story frame Greek Revival house and stone smoke house built by Swiss immigrants, Justi and Mary Thiebaud for their Family of ten children.
(Agriculture Center)
Two Sites - Two Families
Enjoy the Family life and culture of two French-Swiss families separated by 50 years located in one of Indiana's most rural counties. Sample hearth cooking, walk in the kitchen garden,talk with period reenactors and learn about their trades.
Both Sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Photo credits: Vickie Young, Donna Weaver
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2014 Tour

Admission Free
Donations appreciated
2012 Rural Heritage Tour
 supported by:
Switzerland County Tourism
Vevay Switzerland County Foundation

Musee de Venoge does not have electricity, heat or water and uses heating and lighting sources common to 1815. The Thiebaud house is intended to be used throughout the year for a variety of functions, so unobtrusive conveniences have been utilized but activities and techniques are representative of 1860. 
1805 - 1815 
Visit one of the few remaining examples of French colonial architecture that once characterized the first settlement of Switzerland County.  Explore history in this French-Swiss cottage.​ (www.venoge.org)

The home of Justi and Mary Thiebaud has been faithfully restored, once again welcoming visitors to the mid-19th century in Switzerland County.
The front hall entryway provides access to all parts of the house…left to the formal parlor, right to the family parlor, straight ahead to the breezeway and up to the two bedrooms and attic. All painted surfaces and wood have been restored to the original colors, determined through analysis by specialist Matthew Mosca.
On the mantle in the formal parlor are pictures of Justi and Mary and the hair wreath crafted in 1865 representing the Thiebaud family. The cupboard doors have been faux-grained to represent rosewood, which was their original finish.
Mary Thiebaud's spinning wheel had been at the museum, waiting for its return to the parlor.
The straw tick airing on a rope bed is on one of the four beds in the children’s room. The Thiebaud family had 10 children.
The kitchen once again has a fireplace, returning it to its role as the heart of the home.
Jerry Wallin is a talented cooper, sharing his craft with visitors during the Rural Heritage Tour.
The kitchen entry from the breezeway…
We wish we had something to do.
Is this what you had in mind?
A view of the parent’s bedroom…
Mary Thiebaud (Judi Terpening) prepared a wonderful lunch of venison stew, applesauce and cornbread.
This was the first meal of many-to-come to be prepared in the kitchen fireplace. Modern times had significantly altered the kitchen, but architectural clues provided the information for restoration.
Lunch will be ready shortly.
The upstairs landing provides a likely place for the children’s favorite things.
The windows provide a view of the Ohio River, where the Thiebauds once had a landing where they could ship the hay from their haypress barn.
A cozy place in the kitchen for the ongoing sewing in a busy household…
The kitchen is thought to have pre-dated the two story frame Greek Revival, connected together by a breezeway. A welcoming site for future interpretive events!
2012 tour
2012 Tour at: 
Musee de Venoge
The Switzerland County Historical Society and Musee de Venoge are extremely pleased to welcome our local community and visitors from throughout the tri-state area to our annual Rural Heritage Tours. 

Click on any of the small images to view a slide show of pictures from the tours. 
2013 tour